Stories make the world go round. Let's tell some really good ones.

Ideas are great and fun and all, but until they become real, tangible things, they are just ideas. From concept through to tangible entity, we specialize in making dreams come true. Because dreams are the best. Unbound by convention or reality. We especially like the funny ones, you know the dreams that make you think and laugh at the same time. Those are the beauties. Those are the ones we fall in love with. Those are the ones we bring to life.

Ashes to Agassiz

Ashes to Agassiz was one of the most challenging and emotional projects I’ve ever worked on. Graham Agassiz is a boss, and along with Monster, Kona, Sram, Giro, and Pinkbike, I think Sherpas Cinema created one of the best action sport films of all-time. I served as the Executive Producer, Script Writer and a Creative Director.

Shambhala Films

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with an all-star crew of cinematographers and directors at the 19th Annual Shambhala Music Festival. More to come, but our five daily edits are beauties. Check the full play list HERE.